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Welcome to TweetGrade!

Find somebody on Twitter that you want to follow but aren't sure if they're worth your valuable 'follow'? Or just want to get the word out there about your TweetGrade? This is the place.

Check a TweetGrade.
Here's how:
  1. Put a Twitter username in the field.
  2. Click Grade.
  3. Tweet about the grade.
  4. Get more followers.
Top Grades
Deb_Cooley Deb_Cooley A-
PrairieGirl_N PrairieGirl_N A-
swtnsxyboi swtnsxyboi A
ShazzaAndCrazza ShazzaAndCrazza A-
mikeharders mikeharders A
Notable Grades
cnnbrk cnnbrk error
RyanSeacrest RyanSeacrest error
Oprah Oprah error
DaveJMatthews DaveJMatthews error
Random Grades
IrwinLiu IrwinLiu A+
geck_69 geck_69 A+
locobaragenda locobaragenda B-
LATimesEnt LATimesEnt A+
skullj skullj A+